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Rangefinders, due to design limitations, have limited close up focusing abilities. Most can focus only up to 1 metre or slightly less. The RF mechanism will not permit easy focusing for closer objects. The separate viewfinder won’t show the correct field- due to parallax. Separate viewfinders also won’t show the FOV change as the focus [...]

Filters are transparent glass or plastic devices attached over the lens.  Not all that attach to the lens are filters. And not because they look like filters, they are filters.  For instance, close-up attachments are lenses.  And polarisers are screens, not filters. A filter is called such because it selects (“filters”) components of light, and [...]

For Jupiter-3 and -8, as well as Industar -26M and -61 lenses, you’d need the slip-on 42 mm diameter hoods. Two types of Soviet-made hoods for these lenses can be found: round and rectangular.  The rectangular version can only be used for certain types of Jupiter and Industar lenses.  These would be the Jupiter made [...]

For newbies, applicable to most FED and Zorki cameras. 1. Do not force anything.  Despite their price or appearance, any FED or Zorki is a true precision machine that requires careful and proper handling. 2. Do not remove the lens unless necessary.  Most FED and Zorki are Leica type RFs whose lens can be removed.  [...]